Sunday, October 28, 2007

Who else got the books?!

OK, everyone knows I'm a huge econ nerd...added to that, I am one of those few who actually do all the class reading assignments cause I ENJOY THEM (oh yeah, im a lost cause). So, I have to confess professors Boudreaux and Boettke made my day when I got "the package" in the mail with no less than Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, Russ Roberts An Economic Romance and two short essays by Pete Boettke and Vernon Smith.

Do I hear AWESOME? So BIG thanks to the Mason Econ Department for an incredibly thoughtful gift and for those who didn't get to receive it this year, be sure to e-mail us your information so we can include you in our databases and make sure you're in the Masonomics radar.

By the way, two short, very exciting announcements:
1. Daniel Rivera is joining our Blog! He is an Economics and Global Affairs Junior at Mason, originally from Costa Rica and an active member of the Econ Society.

2. Austrian (K)nights is coming together! (They are Austrian...they meet at night...get it? haha fine, I'm just saying cause it wasn't THAT obvious to me at first :) ). Ian and Jaime are finally coordinating the last details to start a reading/discussion club (yes, you heard right, we are actually gonna read on our FREE time). I'm not sure what we are gonna start with, but I do know it's gonna be really fun and that you don't have to be an Austrian to join and enjoy (i.e. yours truly still has not admitted to be an Austrian). So, if you want more info (so far, I think we are agreeing on Monday nights?) just e-mail us to or join the Facebook Group!

And of not miss our upcoming event, the free screening of THE CALL OF THE ENTREPRENEUR (trailer) on Wednesday 7, November at 6pm in Lecture Hall. We're getting popcorn, chocolate and all sort of candy, sodas and, on request, a pillow for your viewing enjoyment.

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