Tuesday, October 30, 2007

J.C. Bradbury and his Home Run at Mason

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On Sunday The Boston Red Sox won the World Series after they wiped out the Colorado Rockies for a 4 to 0. Right after the final game of the series, I remember how great was to hear J.C. Bradbury on the subject of baseball (of course with an economics insight)

J.C. Bradbury is one of us. He obtained hi Ph.D. (Economics) George Mason in 2000, and he did his undergrad at Wofford College, South Carolina in 1996. Currently Bradbury is an Associate Professor of HPS at Kennesaw State University, Georgia.

Young and with a great charisma Bradbury started by remembering what was it like to be at George Mason. Then he began to speak to the crowd about some of the fascinating subject on his book “The Baseball Economists.” These topics unveiled the true game of baseball. For the people who were not able to attend here are some of the topics that Bradbury touched; why are there more hit batters in the AL? What happened to the left-handed catcher? How have steroids affected the game? What are the best/worst managed organizations in baseball? What are players worth? Is MLB a Monopoly?

The GMU Economics Society wants to express its gratitude to J.C. Bradbury for considering and giving his lecture at George Mason University. The Society wants to also thank the people who attended the event.

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Ian Dunois said...

Unfortunate that the mic did not work disallowing the Society to record it. Teaches me for missing it...