Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Caplan Vs. Hanson Debate

Come see the event of the year: Bryan Caplan and Robin Hanson will debate on Liberty vs. Efficiency, Tuesday April 14th. The debate will take place in Enterprise Hall Room 80 at 530pm. The event is open to the public so please come and bring as many guests as you'd like!

Arguing on behalf of liberty is Bryan Caplan, Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University. Professor Caplan received a BA in Economics from U.C. Berkley and a Phd in Economics from Princeton University. Professor Caplan is author of the bestseller book "The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies" and has papers published in the Economic Journal, the Journal of Law and Economics, Social Science Quarterly, the Journal of Public Economics, the Southern Economic Journal, Public Choice, and numerous other outlets. Dr. Caplan's areas of specialty include are Public Choice, Public Finance, and Monetary Economics. Caplan's blog "EconLog" with Arnold Kling and David Henderson can be found at http://econlog.econlib.org/.

Arguing in favor of efficiency is Robin Hanson, Professor of Economics at George Mason University. Professor Hanson received a BS in Physics from UC Irvine, MS and MA in Physics and Philosophy of Science at University of Chicago, and his Phd in Economics at the California Institute of Technology. Professor Hanson has had many scholarly papers published in peer reviewed journals such as Public Choice, the Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy, and Economica. Professor Hanson's research recently has surrounded prediction markets and possibly exciting applications for them. Hanson's blog "Overcoming Bias" can be found here http://www.overcomingbias.com .


l4k said...

Any chance of a podcast of the debate will be made available?

Robin Hanson said...

Someone should take credit here for the photos! And mention that the event will be recorded.

Zac said...

Congratulations to the Econ Society for successfully putting on this debate. Much gratitude for making it open to the public and feeding me cheese.

Robin Hanson said...

I was told the pre-debate liberty vs. efficiency audience vote was 42-10, while the post vote was 25-20. I've posted my amateur audio recording here. I look forward to seeing the video recording that was made. Thanks to Bryan for being a perfect gentleman and conversational companion!

Ian Dunois said...

It was a fun event.

From what I understand, the Econ Society did film the event and are editing it so that they can post it online.

Anonymous said...

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