About Us

  • About GMU Economics Society

    Our Commitment:
    The Economics Society is committed to the personal, professional, and academic development of all students interested in the study of economics.

    Our Goal:
    The GMU Economics Society organizes lecture series, discussion sessions, and other interactions between professional economists and students.
    We hope to meet the unique goals and desires of our members.

    Our Events:
    We will also have a monthly Economic Liberty Lecture Series and Law & Economics Seminar and other lectures throughout the semester.

    Connect With Us:
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    GMU Econ Society Board Members:

    President: David Roth

    Vice President: Alec Schwengler

    Secretary: Olivia Gonzalez

    Treasurer: Will Fleming

    Marketing Chair and Creative Director: Michael Tyler Levesque

    Director of GMU Econ Society Blog: Holly Jean Soto

    Marketing Committee:

    Alia Bayatti
    Joe Bedell
    Aaron DeGroot
    Zachary Hasenei
    Kari Six
    Anthony Travieso
    Anthony Warren
    George Zhelev