Sunday, February 3, 2008

The questions to ponder within Masonomics

I know, I know. "When is the next event?" That, my friends, is coming, and I must say I am looking forward to it. Expect to find further notices on this blog. Until then...

I am a fool. I had believed that most of the undergraduate students if not all at George Mason University understood the glory of the market and individualism, yet I have found that many have doubts. So lets have at it, what doubts does anyone hold against the market and individualism?

You don't have to leave your question as a comment if you rather have it be more personable you can always email one of the bloggers or to This is not for any study merely for the Economics Society to know the views against masonomics.
Also, the views against Austrian economics would be greatly appreciated. According to our poll held last semester Austrian economics is the most popular field, yet it appears many have arguments against it.

Leave us your comments. We are interested with a curiosity unto the ideas of all those reading this blog.

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