Sunday, January 20, 2008

Students for Liberty Conference

I had been sending out emails and information via the facebook group but I realize today that I did not post any information on our blog.

On Feb 22-24, the campus of Columbia University will be hosting the first ever Students for Liberty conference.
It is $40 to register. I apologize for not getting hold of this information sooner as it was a $20 registration fee before Dec 31.
Food will be taken care of by the Conference but housing will not.
The conference does give information for places to stay.
The cause of liberty is often underappreciated on college campuses today. Those students who enter college with a belief in liberty often lose sight of that belief because of the overwhelming presence of alternative ideologies. Many students give up because they believe they are alone. When students with a common belief in liberty do manage to come
together, they are left with few resources or networks of support to develop their organization. The problem is significant, but the solution is simple. There is a need for students from around the country to come
together to meet others interested in liberty and learn how to promote
liberty, taking that experience and knowledge back to each one’s college to
challenge the mainstream today...
For more information read this newsletter.

Also for those looking to travel together. You can post what you are looking for such as someone driving who has extra room in their car, or just someone to share a hotel with in the comments section. There is also a discussion board topic created in the facebook groups both global and gmu for this reason. The Econ Society can hold an event as well for those who wish to meet other students or nonstudents who intend on going to the conference in NY. Please leave comments if you would like the Econ Society to hold an event. It would be more of a gathering to allow people to get to know one another and acquire means to their desired ends. Hope you can make it.

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