Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Philosopher Alvin Plantinga Receives Prestigious Rescher Prize

World-renowned philosopher Alvin Platinga has received the Rescher Price for Contributions to Systematic philosophy for his work in philosophy of religion, epistemology, metaphysics, and Christian apologetics. Learn more about Plantinga in David Theroux's recent piece in The Beacon.  

David J. Theroux:
"Plantinga’s work is of immense importance to all thinking in epistemology, ethics and economics, especially regarding individual action, entrepreneurship, free markets, civic virtue, and the rule of law. Plantinga has shown that those scholars who attempt to ground reality in naturalism are not just pursuing a futile quest leading to determinism and nihilism but are embracing views that defeat their very intellectual enterprise, including science itself. Unfortunately, many superb classical liberal and libertarian scholars remain unaware of Plantinga’s work and are oblivious of the profound weaknesses in their naturalistic assumptions. In this regard, I authored an earlier, preliminary paper, “Economic Science and the Poverty of Naturalism,” that discusses this dilemma and the crucial value of the critiques of metaphysical naturalism by both C.S. Lewis and Plantinga, especially as this is relevant to the corpus of economic reasoning in the Austrian School, Public Choice and other traditions within what Peter Boettke describes as “mainline economics” in his new Independent Institute book, Living Economics."

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