Friday, October 14, 2011

Ey Snooks!

Join the GMU Economics Society as we welcome economist and professor Daniel J. D'Amico at the following lecture!

Man, Economy, and State meets Gym, Tan, Laundry:
the Political Economy in and of the Jersey Shore

THIS TUESDAY -- 6pm: Back Ballroom of SUB II (HUB)

Food will be served! Feel free to dress for the occasion! Check out the event on Facebook!

Daniel J. D’Amico is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Loyola University in New Orleans. Dan completed his PhD in Economics from George Mason University in 2008. His doctoral dissertation, “The Imprisoner’s Dilemma: The Political Economy of Proportionate Punishment,” was awarded the Israel M. Kirzner Award for best dissertation in Austrian Economics by the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics.

Daniel’s research has been published in a variety of scholarly outlets including Public Choice, Advances in Austrian Economics, The Journal of Private Enterprise, and the Erasmus Journal of Philosophy and Economics. He sits on the editorial board of Studies in Emergent Order and is on the executive committee for the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics.

His current research is focused upon applying insights from various political economy perspectives to understanding the processes of social change as they occur in punishment and incarceration.

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