Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Edwin Vieira Video

Here is the second part of Dr. Edwin Vieira's lecture on "A Constitutional Path to Monetary Reform" on November 3rd.

Edwin Vieira GMU 11/3/2010 from GMU Econ Society on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, there were some problems with the first tape, and it may not be viewable.


Bill Murdock said...

hey econ guys, what ended up happening to the first part of the talk? did the tape not come out? i'd love to hear him talk about his law again! any ideas? -t

Ricardo Cruz said...

Hi guys,

Interesting video. ;-)

By the way, I couldn't find any contact information, so let me tell you here that the link to "David Friedman" does not refer to the economist. For the actual economist's blog, here's the correct link:

Anonymous said...

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