Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ski Liberty!

Finally, after much anticipation, we have ironed out all of the details concerning this much-talked-about ski-trip. We'll be hitting the slopes at Liberty Mountain this Saturday, March 6th - and with all the recent snow they've had, it looks like we've picked the perfect time to shred some snow.

If we can get 15 people to come, we can get the group discount - and honestly, since we're skiing a mountain with such a cool name, I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to go! Provided we can get the group discount:

Lift tickets will be $50 (valid on all open trails and lifts)
Learn to ski/snowboard package will be $66 (only valid in beginner areas; includes rental equipment and guaranteed lesson)
All-mountain package will be $78 (valid on all open lifts and trails; includes rental equipment and a lesson at your skill level)

In order to get the group discount, however, we have to pre-book our tickets. Thus, if you can RSVP to either or by 10 am on Friday, I would be much appreciative. Include your name, what sort of pass you'll want, and if you'll be able to drive (I'll contact all those who have agreed to drive later to confirm whether or not we'll actually need your set of wheels). You can go to to learn more about the different passes. I'll take care of booking the group tickets, provided we can get enough interest. Honestly, this is such a great opportunity, you'd be silly to miss it!

In the extremely narrow off-chance that we don't get 15 people to agree to come on this trip, these will the rates:
Skis: $38.00
8 hour flex: $58.00
Extended (open to close): $63.00
Additionally, the slopes are open from 8am - 10pm on Saturdays. Since we'll be driving in separate vehicles, I figure we can divide people up on Saturday based on how long they want to stay.

Hope to see you all on the slopes!

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