Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who's Paying for Your Healthcare?

Who's Paying for Your Healthcare? The GMU Economics Society will be hosting three panelist experts intended to answer your questions about the health care debate. The Healthcare Reform Forum will be an open discussion/Q&A with the panelists so be sure to come with your questions prepared.

Date: Wednesday, October 14
Time: 6:00pm
Location: SUB I Lobby

The Panelists: Dr. Thomas Rustici, Dr. Robin Hanson, and Dr. Stephen Davies

Some sample topics that will be addressed:
-Who's going to be paying for your healthcare?
-Will students benefit from a nationalized health care reform?
-Do you want to import Britain's or Canada's healthcare system?
-Do government prevention programs reduce health care costs?
-Is health care a right?
-Do you want a health care system that focuses on people not profits?

The current health reform will have an important effect on you and your future. This an opportunity to help you understand the health care debate and develop a better informed opinion on the topic. Don't let this opportunity slip away; become educated on this current issue!

Dr. Rustici & Dr. Hanson are part of the George Mason Economics Department Faculty. Dr. Davies is a faculty member of the Manchester Metropolitan University in Great Britain.

For the facebook event, click here:

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