Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer of Games 2009

A message from Bryan Caplan...

Summer of Games 2009! Our creed:

WHEREAS there is more to life than work...

WHEREAS live gaming is far more fun than videogaming...

WHEREAS the transactions cost of organizing individual gaming sessions is

I once again declare the following 3 months to be the Summer of Games!

My proposal: Each Thursday at 12:30 PM during the summer (with a couple
exceptions to accomodate conflicting activities), gamers discretely
descend upon Carow Hall, playing until 4 or 5 or possibly 6. The game
can then be selected to suit the number of players.

In the past, we've played Diplomacy, Settlers of Cataan, Puerto Rico,
Iron Dragon, Kremlin, Serenissima, Condottieri, El Grande, and much more.
I'm also willing to GM RPGs if I get an advance commitment from 3 or more people.

*A Few Rules*

The following seemed to work well in previous years:

1. All players eat lunch BEFORE they arrive, to minimize food-related

2. Players should be careful not to disrupt actual work at Carow Hall
with excessive noise, etc. That way we can keep playing in this
convenient location. Normally we should have the conference room all to

Join the fun!

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