Monday, June 9, 2008

Mason Econ now ranks 41 OVERALL among programs in the U.S.

According to a new study by Southern Economic Journal, Mason ranks 41 among Econ programs in the U.S. This was reported by Pete Boettke on his blog "Austrian Economists". Other noteworthy rankings include:
- 3rd in Methodology and History of Economic Thought
- 9th in General Economics and Teaching
- 11th in Law and Economics
- 25th in Microeconomics
- 25th in Public Economics. 

In my opinion: Mason's Econ education is a lot better than what the rankings suggest. Many times I have talked to students in other more 'mainstream' programs and it seems that their econ classes are more math oriented than discussion based. Professors at GMU are very approachable. More importantly, I am having a blast as a student here. I wonder if the authors of this study asked any students in the listed schools how happy and satisfied they are with the education they are receiving. Papers are good and all, but if professors can't transmit that knowledge and passion to the students they teach, then what's the point? I've never had that problem with professors at GMU. Every single one of them has been very enthusiastic about teaching and transmitting their ideas. 
Also: As Professor Boudreaux points out in his letter to the rest of Mason's faculty,"this study gives NO credit to published books (or blogs, of course). Because we are an especially "book-and-blog friendly" department, I'm confident that, if anything, our true ranking is even higher than is revealed by this study".
Each day that passes gets me more and more excited that I will have a degree that says "Masonomics"! 


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