Monday, May 19, 2008

What Marginal Revolution can do for you...

On Sunday, Tyler Cowen from the Marginal Revolution blog had linked to the Econ Society blog. That was it; there was no small description of the blog for any reason to why you should click the link. In the comments, you do not find anything referring to Econ Society giving the view that perhaps most were interested in the other links. Then we looked at the web trends.
From an average of 20 visits and 30 page views per day we sparked by one link from Marginal Revolution to almost 615 visits and 800 page views! Some spillovers are still occurring today. Thanks Tyler and Marginal Revolution.

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Kevin Hilferty said...

Sweetness. I will have to write up my Man vs Wild and the wonderful division of labor piece tonight. Thanks Marginal Revolution!