Monday, April 21, 2008

FEE @ Mason

The FEE event at Mason turned out to be a great experience as many of us learned about various ideas including economic growth, international policies such as foreign assistance and security guarantees, anarchy, and a special lecture by Bryan Caplan about why people should have more children. One of my personal favorite speeches was by Geoffrey Lea who talked about the fundamentals of anarchism while questioning our individual beliefs. It was interesting how Geoffrey incorporated everyone into his speech – he questioned and listened to our ideas to build a path to explain anarchism and how it relates to our beliefs of liberty and freedom. I, personally, was inspired by this speech to learn more concepts of anarchy and privatization and to question my own beliefs of government in our modern society. Another great aspect of the FEE seminar was meeting different people from both Mason and other colleges as we were able to engage and converse about the various speeches, speakers, and ideas. It was great just hanging out with many of the Econ and non-Econ students at this social & academic event and learning from each others ideas. All in all, the FEE event included many different areas of economics, politics, and philosophy, and I believe many attendees were able to relate and understand the different concepts and ideas presented.

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Ian Dunois said...

It was definitely a good time shared by all those who had attended. It was an entertaining event that was planned well and excellently executed.

I hope that this will not be the last seminar FEE hosts at Mason.