Thursday, February 7, 2008

Invitation from the Russian Cultural Center and Sergey Samoilenko, Communication Professor, GMU/GWU:

A great initiative is being put forth by the Russian Cultrual Center in Washington, DC. The conference will be held 02/11/08 at 11:00am, Location: GMU, Fairfax Campus, Student Union II
Room: SUB II Room 3 & 4

They would like to invite you and your friends to our video-conference "US-Russia relations - the students' perspective" next Monday. Russian Cultural Center launches a series of online video conferences for young people from Russia and the U.S "US-Russia
relations - the students' perspective". The first participants of this event will be college students from Moscow and Washington D.C Metro Area. We have chosen GMU as our first venue for this project on 02/11/08. The first discussion panel "US and Russia Economies : Reactions to the Recession of the Global Markets" will start next Monday at 11 am (ET), 7 pm Moscow time. The working language is English. We understand that this time may not be convenient for you and your students, however, we also consider this video conference to be a great intercultural experience for the both parties. We would greatly appreciate your participation, and any assistance in organization of this event.

For further Questions Please contact:
Evgeny Agoshkov, the Director of Russian Cultural Center,

Sergei Samoilenko
Communication Professor

Efrata Yitbarek:
GMU Russian club

Thanks to the GMU Russian Club for the invitation.

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