Friday, November 9, 2007

Gordon Tullock

I am one of the many who hope to enter the PHD program at Mason not only to take part of a great program but to take classes from some economic heroes such as Gordon Tullock as well.
Many know I had hoped to hold an Economics Society event such as a Meet Gordon Tullock or a Roast of Gordon Tullock (from what I hear of most graduate students, every class with Tullock is a roast on the students) for quite a while now. Although we can not host the event, we can at least admire him online thanks to Econ PHD student Dan D'Amico at Austrian Addiction blog who listed a few quotes by Gordon Tullock that he titled the Quotable Tullock.
Let me not forget the bloggers at Marginal Revolution for this memorable post on Tullock.
And for some added fun, some papers we can consider 'TULLOCK TALES'


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