Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Play nice now...

Great News!!!

To ensure a decent level of civility (we're discussing libertarian economic approaches applied to government and democracy...things can get nasty fast!), please join me in welcoming Dan "the sheriff" Klein. Prof. Klein will be the moderator for the Caplan-Wittman debate this coming Wednesday 12th September at 6pm. Our peacekeeper is the co-director of the (along with Alex Tabarrok), editor of Econ Journal Watch, and a perfect pick to play Dr. Phil for two conflicting views on democracy, as you may read on his awesome paper "The People's Romance: Why people love government".


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Stan said...

I just took a look at the blog and everything looks fantastic! The events look amazing. When Amanda and I started this thing, this is what we were hoping the Econ Society would be one day. Keep up the great job everyone!