Thursday, September 13, 2007

In Gratitude

We are pleased to have had such a successful event even though we had encountered some troubles along the way. Thank you for all those who attended and hope that you have enjoyed the debate as much as we had in hosting it. For those who missed the debate, hopefully we will have it online soon in either podcast form or on Perhaps a written form of notes upon the debate if we can clean them up to be read thoroughly.

We would also like to give a large thanks to Professors Caplan and Wittman for their large performance in tonight's debate. You each were entertaining and extremely knowledgeable allowing for the audience to be captivated. We hope we advertised the event well for both of you without displaying any type of bias.

Thank you to Professor Klein for moderating the event keeping the two from 'biting ears'.

And of course a handful of gratitude is still due to the Economics Department in their efforts in getting the room, to Star Labs for the equipment to record, to the technicians that helped at the event, and a great list of others with whom we would not have been able to hold this prestigious event.

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