Sunday, September 9, 2007

Comment on Ian's Summer Seminars

Just a 3.0 Ian? Someone's not getting invited next year! :)

But I have to say I agree with the fact that it felt really short. After a full week of Smith obsession at the Summer Institute for the Preservation of the History of Economics (man! that's a long title...) plus the History of Economics Conference, the two day and a little bit more Outreach left me wanting for much much more Public Choice.

In part, I guess this was because the topic in itself is so great that you will definitely want to know more about the study of Public Choice. Yes, we did get our own exclusive lecture by Prof. Buchanan and his signed book, we got to hear Caplan explain his book in detail (which hopefully you-ll get to do as well at the debate!) and got great presentations by Don Boudreaux, Georg Vanberg, Todd Zywicki and Bart Wilson. I have to say I loved them all. Hopefully, with some of the new awesome adds to the Econ Department this semester (Garett Jones & Pete Leeson, just to name a couple), next year's Outreach will be a bit longer for those lucky enough to attend.

And well, I have to add this pic. It's just too good. :)

James M. Buchanan and Gordon Tullock, Blacksburg, Virginia.File Photo. (Click pic for link)

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Ian Dunois said...

Oh I loved this event, but its depth and time were its faults. Certainly I could have given it a larger score on my own preference but then I would just be biased to everything that was held at Mason.
If they had only given more depth in the short time, or extended the time to include more depth. This would have allowed me to give them a high rating, and of course I would be pleased to return next year if they would have me.